Unapproved maps

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Ref: 201205141530PEV
Last Edited: 30th October 2013
Applies to: Triaster Server 11.2 onwards


This report shows which process maps are currently unapproved by any one of 3 approvers, Content approver, Library administrator and Process Owner Approver.

Example report

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All files must be downloaded and saved in the reports folder on the Triaster Server

Download UnapprovedMaps.xslt
Download UnapprovedMaps.xml

Report Fields

Report Column HeadingCorresponding Property Field Name Where one ExistsExcel Column where one existsComments
Node Name
Name (the displayed text of the Node)Text*This can be renamed to whatever term you wish. Please see KB article.
Content Approver ContentApproverProp:ContentApproverNode Property  
Content Approval Status tr_approvalstatusProp:tr_approvalstatusNode Property  
Library Administrator libraryadministrator Prop:libraryadministrator Node Property  
Library Status  tr_libraryapprovalstatus prop:libraryapprovalstatus Node Property  
Process Owner Approver  processownerapprover prop:processownerapprover Node Property  
Process Status  tr_processownerapprovalstatus prop:tr_processownerapprovalstatus Node Property  
Date of Change Date of Change Prop:ChangeDate Node Property  

Change History

VersionRelease DateStatus Comments 
04/05/2012 Available on 11.2 Report Exchange Initial conversion from 10.1 report
 v2.0 30/10/2013Additional properties added Updated to ignore approved maps and maps with ta status of approval not needed. 3 approval types have now been set up

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