Performance Summary - Cost/Total Effort/Elapsed Time

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Ref: 201205141714PEV
Last Edited: 14th May 2012
Applies to: Triaster Server 11.2 onwards


This report shows three key performance measurements, Cost, Total Effort and Elapsed Time stored in an activity.

Example report

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All files must be downloaded and saved in the reports folder on the Triaster Server

Download performancesummarycosttimetotaleffort.xml
Download performancesummarycosttimetotaleffort.xslt

Report Fields

Report Column HeadingCorresponding Property Field Name Where one ExistsExcel Column where one existsComments
Activity Name
Name (the displayed text of the Activity)Text
ResponsibilityResponsibilityProp:ResponsibilityActivity Property
Total Cost  TotalCost  Prop:TotalCost Activity Property  
Total Effort TotalEffortProp:TotalEffort Activity Property  
Elapsed Time ElapsedTime Prop:ElapsedTime Activity Property  
Level Level (the calculated level of the Deliverable)   

Change History

VersionRelease DateStatus Comments 
04/05/2012 Available on 11.2 Report Exchange Initial conversion from 10.1 report

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