Map Files Multiple Pages

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Ref: 201402111333
Last Edited: September 8th, 2014
Applies to: Triaster Server 11.2 onwards


This report is designed to identify map files that have multiple pages. Our recommended best practice is to have a single map page per file. This is particularly important to the automatic moving of maps between stages in response to changes in approval state.

Example report



All files must be downloaded and saved in the reports folder on the Triaster Server

Report Fields

Report Column Heading Comments
The path and file name as the Triaster Server would see it. This may not correspond to the path as used by mappers, but it should be interpretable.
The number of pages, excluding background pages, in the Visio file.

Change History

Version Release Date Status  Comments 
14/02/2014  Superceded  Created to help to identify those maps with multiple pages that would otherwise hinder the automatic movement of maps between stages, a feature intended for Triaster Server 14.
 v1.1 08/09/2014     Available on 11.2 Report Exchange 

 As above.

The 'Pages' column now excludes background pages from its count.


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