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Ref: 201204051706PEV
Lasted Modified: 4th May 2012
Applies to: Triaster Server 11.2 onwards


This report shows controls against activties, maps and deliverables across the Process Library.

Example report

(click on image to enlarge)


All files must be downloaded and saved in the reports folder on the Triaster Server

Download Controls.xml
Download Controls.xslt

Report Fields 

Report Column HeadingCorresponding Property Field Name Where one ExistsExcel Column where one exists Comments
FilenameFull Path and FileName
noderefProp:noderefNode Property

Node Name


Name (the displayed text of the Node)Text*This can be renamed to whatever term you wish. Please see KB article.
Department NamedepartmentProp:departmentNode Property
Process OwnerprocessownerProp:processownerNode Property
Process ManagerprocessmanagerProp:processmanagerNode Property
Approval Statustr_approvalstatusProp:tr_approvalstatusNode Property
Object Type  Shape Type
Shape Namedisplayed text of the shape    Text
Control Name controlname1 Prop:controlname1Activity and Deliverable Property
Control Description controldesc1 Prop:controldesc1Activity and Deliverable Property
Control Reference controlref1 Prop:controlref1Activity and Deliverable Property
Control Owner (Job Title) controlowner1 Prop:controlowner1Activity and Deliverable Property
Frequency of Control controlfreq1 Prop:controlfreq1Activity and Deliverable Property
Type of Control  controltype1 Prop:controltype1Activity and Deliverable Property
Control Evidence controlevid1 Prop:controlevid1Activity and Deliverable Property
HTML Link      Hyperlinks to the HTML output of the process map held within the process library

Change History

VersionRelease DateStatus Comments 
04/05/2012 Available on 11.2 Report Exchange Initial conversion from 10.1 report

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