Activity drill-downs with a fully-qualified path

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Ref: 201412021335
Last Edited: December 2nd, 2014


This report is designed to identify drill-downs from Activities where the link to the target file is expressed as a fully-qualified path rather than a relative one. This can cause problems when moving maps, whether between sites or from a working location to the server's publication location.

Example report

Activity drill-downs with a fully-qualified path


All files must be downloaded and saved in the reports folder on the Triaster Server.


Report Fields

Report Column HeadingComments
 The name of the map (the Node name).
 A clickable ellipsis that opens the published version of the map.
 Author The author of the map.
 Activity Name The name of the Activity that has the drill-down.
 Drill-down Path The path to the Visio file targetted by the drill-down.

Change History

VersionRelease DateStatus Comments 
02/12/2014 NewIdentifies Activities with drill-down links that are expressed as fully-qualified paths.
An Activity's navigation behaviour is either internal or external drill-down, and the path is prefixed with '\\' (a UNC path) or contains a ':'.

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