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Last Edited: December 22nd 2011


The XML menu builder is designed to show all HTML process maps (ordered by the folder they reside in) in the correct format to be added to the flash-menu.xml file for Flash sytle home pages
Report Definition FileXML tags.xslt
Typically Found In

Version 10.1 onwards - Location change: \ProcessLibraries\ReportExchange

Download Available from Report ExchangeYes, see Reports
Expected Input TypeTriaster catalogue.xml
Output Typehtml
Example Report (click on image):

Report Fields 

Report Column HeadingCorresponding Property Field Name Where one ExistsExcel Column where one exists Comments
Level (the calculated level of the Activity) Text
Node Name
Name (The displayed text of the Node) Text

None - Value taken from the folder in which the map was created
XML tag System generated XML based on file and folder names using a relative path  

Change History

VersionRelease DateStatus Comments 



Available in Report Exchange 

First draft of file created and released

Planned Enhancements

Date ExpectedDescriptionCompleted


XML tags for nested folders


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