Performance Summary - Cost/Total Effort


The Performance Summary - Cost/Total Effort (Hours) Report is designed to show 2 key performance measurements, Cost and Ttoal Effort stored in an Activity.
Report Definition File PeformanceSummary3.xslt
Typically Found In

\Program Files\Triaster\Publication Server\Config Files\[LibraryName]\[SiteName]\

Version 10.1 onwards - Location change: \ProcessLibraries\ReportExchange

Download Available from Report Exchange Yes, see Reports
Expected Input Type Triaster catalogue.xml
Output Type html
Example Report (click on image):
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Report Fields 

Report Column Heading Corresponding Property Field Name Where one Exists Excel Column where one exists  Comments
Activity Name
Name (The displayed text of the Activity) Text
Responsibility Prop:Responsibility Activity Property
Total Cost

TotalCost Prop:TotalCost Activity Property
Target Total Cost TargetTotalCost Prop:TargetTotalCost Activity Property 
<Calculated Field> Displays "redlight.gif" if TotalCost >= TargetTotalCost otherwise leaves the cell blank. redlight.gif must exist in the same folder as the output html file
Elapsed Time
ElapsedTime Prop:ElapsedTime Activity Property
Target Elapsed Time
TargetElapsedTime Prop:TargetElapsedTime Activity Property
Level Level (the calculated level of the Activity)    

Change History

Version Release Date Status  Comments 
1.0 30/11/2010     Released

Planned Enhancements

Date Expected Description Completed