Missing properties

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Ref: 201112221451PEV
Last Edited: December 22nd 2011


The missing properties report will show all maps which do not have the 4 listed properties completed.
Report Definition Filemissingmapproperties.xslt
Typically Found In

Version 10.1 onwards - Location change: \ProcessLibraries\ReportExchange

Download Available from Report ExchangeYes, see Reports
Expected Input TypeTriaster catalogue.xml
Output Typehtml
Example Report (click on image):

Report Fields

Report Column HeadingCorresponding Property Field Name Where one ExistsExcel Column where one existsComments

Node Name


Name (the displayed text of the Node)Text*This can be renamed to whatever term you wish. Please see KB article.
Feedback emailFeedback email shapeText 
AuthorAuthor Prop:Author Node Property 
Process OwnerProcessOwnerProp:ProcessOwnerNode Property
Last revised dateLast Revised vy Prop:lastrevisedNode Property


Change History

VersionRelease DateStatusComments
V1.022/12/2011Available for download on Report Exchange

Planned Enhancements

Date ExpectedDescriptionCompleted

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