List of Hyperlinks


This report shows all hyperlinks across the process library.
Report Definition File List of Hyperlinks.xslt
Typically Found In

\Program Files\Triaster\Publication Server\Config Files\[LibraryName]\[SiteName]\

Version 10.1 onwards - Location change: \ProcessLibraries\ReportExchange

Download Available from Report Exchange Yes, see Reports
Expected Input Type Triaster catalogue.xml
Output Type html
Example Report (click on image):

Report Fields 

Report Column Heading Corresponding Property Field Name Where one Exists Excel Column where one exists  Comments
Hyperlink Address
Hyperlink SubAddres
Visio file  
Visio file      
Source Object Name  
Source Object Type       
HTML file
HTML file      

Change History

Version Release Date Status  Comments 
Not versioned
v1.0 26/02/10     Available on Report Exchange

Added link to Report Exchange

Added link to List of Reports html

changed reference to .css

Changed Source Mapping Edition File column heading to Visio file

Changed Souce HTML File column heading to HTML file

Added image to top left corner of report

changed desription

 v1.1  19/04/10  Released

Altered Node Parameter

Added comment to enable dynamic List of Reports

deleted link to list of reports.html

v1.2  20/04/10  Released

Link to css reverted to relative path

Planned Enhancements

Date Expected Description Completed