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Last updated: 4th May 2012
Applies to Triaster Server 10.1 and Server 2011
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The Report Exchange is steadily being populated with reports. For specific adjustments to the reports, please refer to the report summaries below. New reports are gradually being added. 

With the introduction of the Triaster server 2011, The architecture of the report exchange has now changed. Please ensure you download the correct report. 

Triaster Process Library Server 2011

The report exchange is installed automatically with all new versions. With the release of Triaster Server 2011, all reports in the Report Exchange now have a new look and feel. We call this 'Grid View' where any report can be filtered and search in a variety of ways. Please see the following article HERE for and explanation.

Reports are now grouped into categories for ease of use.

The architecture of the report exchange has now changed. For each report (xslt) there is also a corresponding data file (xml) and for this reason you will not be able to copy across any customised reports from 10.1. These are in a folder on the Triaster Server called Reports.

Triaster Process Library 10.1

It is probably worth mentioning that the filter xslt reports (Systems, Roles, Ownership) have not been included in the Report Exchange. This is mainly due to the complexity of altering the content.
There is a knowledge base article listed below explaining how to use the Report Exchange. Please note that this knowledge base article explains how to upload the xslt reports and not how to edit xslt reports. 
How do I use the Report Exchange?
Please refer to the following knowledge base article:

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