B. Welcome call with Project Manager - agenda

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Last Edited: July 1st, 2014
 Objective  Introduction to the implementation process and how to prepare for the first workshop (Project Initiation Workshop).
 Takes place  ASAP
 Attendees  Project Lead
 Location  By telephone
 Length of call  Up to 1 hour
 Call set up  Triaster will send you to an Outlook meeting invitation for the time agreed and our Project Manager will call you on the telephone number supplied
 Triaster consultant  Project Manager
Agenda item Details
  • Triaster Project Manager
  • Project Lead(s)
 Overview of the Implementation process  The Triaster Implementation Framework
 Project timescales
  • Do you already have a Go Live date in mind?
  • Are there any other key dates that Triaster should be aware of at this point?
 The first workshop- Project Initiation Workshop

·         What is this day for?

·         What do I need to do to prepare for the PIW?

·         Identifying the Process Council

·         How to book the workshop / potential dates for the workshop

 Identifying potential dates for workshops
  • Creating maps & populating your Library
  • Library Adminisration
  • Governance Workshop
 Summary of next steps