A. The Triaster Implementation Framework

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Last Edited: July 29th, 2015

Implementation of the Triaster solution (initial deployment) covers multiple elements; technical, design, training and governance. We will guide you through each step of the implementation, but to give you visibility on the overall process, we have process mapped the implementation framework and this can be viewed by clicking here.
The maps link to agendas, checklists and supporting information as appropriate. These are also summarised by information type in the following tables.
If you need any help at all, or would like to discuss the Implementation Framework please contact our Customer Services Team on +44 (0)870 402 1234, or e-mail customer.services@triaster.co.uk 

Agendas, checklists & supporting information

A summary of all agendas, checklists and supporting information by type is set out below. This is a different way of accessing the information linked to from the process maps. 
Agenda Summary Type Length
 Welcome call with Project Manager  Telephone conversation  Up to 1 hour
 Project Initiation Workshop  On-site workshop  1 day
 Technical Support for software installation  Telephone conversation  Up to 1 hour
 Library homepage requirements capture  Telephone conversation  Up to 1 hour
 Process council creating maps and populating your library  On-site software training  2 days
 Governance Workshop  On-site workshop  1 day
 Library Administration training  On-site workshop  1 day
 Getting to Go Live Project reviews  On-site workshop/telephone call  1/2 day or if by telephone 1-2 hours
 Developing your Process Library Project reviews  On-site workshop/telephone call  1/2 day or if by telephone 1-2 hours


On-going Support
The on-going support options that Triaster offer can also be viewed below:

Agenda Summary Type Length
Creating maps for your library(option)  Public training/on-site software training  1 day 
Process Discovery Facilitation training (option)  Public training/on-site workshop  1 day 
Technical Workshop (option) Public training 1 day
Process Discovery Workshops (option)  On-site workshop  Multiple days, 1/2 day per session 
Educational Seminars  On-site workshop(s)  TBA, each seminar 2 hours 
Technical support for software upgrade Telephone conversation  Up to 1 hour
Getting the most out of your 11.2 upgrade On-site workshop(s)  2 days