D1. Technical support for software installation

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Last Edited: September 29th, 2014
 Objective For Triaster IT to obtain the information required to complete the server install.

To answer any questions customer IT may have regarding both the server software deployment and client software deployment.
 Takes place  Either:
On-site servers: ASAP following the Project Initiation Workshop
Hosted Servers: ASAP following software installation by Triaster
 Attendees  IT decision maker & liaison
 Number of attendees  One or two
 Length of call  Up to 1 hour
 Call set up  We will send you an Outlook meeting invitation for the time agreed and our consultant will call you on the telephone number supplied
 Start/ finish times  TBA
 Triaster consultant  Technical Consultant
Agenda item Details
 Technical Information  Technical Information regarding server(s)
On-site server deployment
  • Discuss Triaster Minimum system requirements
  • Confirmation of remote access method
If remote access cannot be granted, Triaster IT will not be able to install the Triaster server software, but will provide adetailed installation plan.
Hosted dedicated server

·         Filestore

o   Process Mpas

o   Documents

o   Menu

·         Goodsync installation

                IP addresses for Library users
 Customer IT actions
  • Re Server software installation
  • Re Process Navigator (client) software installation
  • Confirmation of on-going contact for server installation project
 Confirmation of timeframes
  • Library Administration training
  • Go Live date
 Next steps:
  • Triaster I.T.
  • Customer I.T.