C2. Project Initiation Workshop - agenda

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Last Edited: September, 29th, 2014
 Objective  To launch the Triaster Process Library Implementation
 Takes place  ASAP on becoming a Triaster customer, once the is Process Council established

Process Council

IT decision maker (am only)

Project Sponsor (up to morning break only)

 Number of attendees  Usually five or six
 Number of days  1 day
 Room set up type  Workshop
 Triaster consultants Project Manager, Professional Services Consultant, Technical Consultant  & Account Manager
Supporting information Ref Agenda item
   Library Demonstration
   Process Mapping Demonstration
 PIW1.0 - PIW1.2
  •  Project Objectives for initial deployment
  • Go Live date
  • Key milestones to Go Live
IT focus:
  • How will Process Navigator be deployed?
  • Hosted Server/on-site servers?
  • Explaining the installation process
  • Critical decisions & why they are needed 
  •  Document management and system integration
  • Who is responsible for co-ordination?
  • Summary IT actions and next steps agreed:
    • IT Representative
    • Triaster
  •  Alerts and Approvals
 PIW7 - PIW7.9

            ·          Branding and Communication

            ·         Communication planning

            ·         Library name

            ·         Branding focus:

·         Explaining the design process

·         Who is responsible for:

  •     Stencil & Template customisation
  •     Library homepage design and brand identity
 PIW8 - PIW8.2
Professional Services focus:
  • Explaining the Professional Services schedule
  • Who is responsible for co-ordination?
  • Project Management catch up calls
Data migration of legacy processes:
  • Are legacy maps going to be converted to the Triaster format?
  • Will maps be recreated or converted by shape replace?
Client Support Site:
  • Logging on
  • Guided tour
  • Sources of information
   Objectives and milestones – formal sign off
   AOB & Next Steps