C1. Preparing for the Project Initiation Workshop - checklist PP

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Last Edited: September 29th, 2014
Checklist Action Why required
 Set up Process Council
 PP1.0  Decide who should join your  Process Council Your Process Council will be the core team that set the objectives and milestones for the implementation of the Triaster Process Library and are responsible for their delivery. The council should comprise of the Project Lead and about 4 or 5 other people who will share the responsibility. They may be process mappers and be responsible for creating the process content, or they may be project managers responsible for managing the project and managing the actual process mappers. They are likely to be Business Analysts, but this is not essential. They will be responsible for the critical decisions regarding the library implementation, liaison as appropriate throughout the implementation and the day-to-day management of the installed library.
 PP1.1  If it is not obvious who should join the Process Council, contact Triaster to arrange some Educational Seminars prior to the Project Initiation Workshop.  In some organisations, there is a team in place who are the obvious choice for the Process Council (business analysts, process improvement or quality teams), but in other organisation it is not obvious who should be part of the Process Council. Under those circumstances Triaster recommend that we demonstrate the solution to a wide audience explaining, along with the Project Lead, the objective for the implementation and the role of the Process Council. Volunteers are then called for. Educational Seminars are free of charge and can be organised by contacting customer.services@triaster.co.uk
 Invite attendees as per agenda


Invite the Process Council

Triaster deliver the Process Library Implementation to a Process Council. Every member of the Process Council should attend all sessions of the Project Initiation Workshop. You can either invite these delegates or inform Triaster of the delegate names and e-mail addresses so an Outlook invitation can be sent to them.



Invite IT decision maker

An IT decision maker should attend the Project Initiation Workshop.

It is essential that they attend the IT focus session and recommended that they attend the whole day if possible so that they can understand the context of the IT support being requested.



Invite your Project Sponsor

It is beneficial if the Project Sponsor attends the sessions that cover the demonstrations and the agreement of the Project objectives, your Go Live date, and the key milestones.

 Information for Triaster


Send information requested in ‘Preparing for an onsite visit – checklist OSV’

This information is required so our consultant knows where your workshop is taking place and lets them know what to expect on arrival.

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