E2. Library brand requirements capture - agenda

Ref: 201102241110EC
Last Edited: September 29th, 2014
 Objective  To capture a design brief for your library brand
 Takes Place

After the PIW, as soon as you are ready to move forward


Person responsible as agreed at the PIW

Marketing representative, but only if it is a requirement of your organisation

 Number of attendees  Up to two

Have attended:

 Length of call  Up to 1 hour
 Call set up  Triaster will send you to an outlook meeting invitation for the time agreed and our designer will call you on the telephone number supplied
 Triaster Consultant  Project Manager and Designer
Agenda item Details
 Target Audience
  • Who does the library needs to appeal to and what do we know about them?
  • What visual approach will work for the audience?
  • How do we want the users to interact with the library?
 Tone of voice/Positioning
  • In what style should we communicate?
  • What are the key messages that the library should communicate?
  • Should the library design replicate an existing resource such as an intranet or website?
  • Do you have a preferred theme or visual metaphor to work with?
  •  Is there an internal image resource which can be drawn upon?
  • Is there any mandatory content - straplines/badges/copyright statements/logos/graphics required?
  Background Collateral Please provide a copy of your brand guidelines. In the absence of this please provide preferred typefaces/colour palette and logo resources.
Architecture (library only)  Please specify if you would like a Hover or Click system.
 Hierarchy (library only)
  •  How many sub-menu pages are required?
  • How many menu items per level are required?
 Communication Package
  •  Why are we creating an identity for the library?
  • What do we hope to achieve and how will its success be measured?
 Visual Style
  •  Should the identity use a graphical approach e.g. icon/device?
  • Is a 'name' required for the identity?
  • Are other supporting graphics required e.g. backgrounds/footers etc.?
  • How should the identity relate back to the main client brand?
  •  What media will be deployed using the ID e.g. Posters, newsletter, PowerPoint presentations, emails?
  • How will the output be maintained internally after Triaster's involvement (what is the graphic design capability internally?)
 Next Steps