G2. Governance Workshop- supporting information GW & GWMP

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Last Edited: September 29th, 2014
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 Mapping approach
GW1.0 Will the process mapping be undertaken by a centralised team or distributed?  Sometimes the Process Council undertake the process mapping to populate a library, at least until the Library goes live. Subsequently, the process mapping can then be devolved to those who undertake the process on a daily basis. The approach taken will affect the training programme and the library management approach. Either way the initial implementation will only be delivered to the Process Council; other mappers can be trained separately.
 Key processes
GW2.0 Which processes are to be mapped, in which priority? The priority agreed needs to deliver on the objectives & milestones agreed.
GW2.1 What is the Go Live date for the library? Everyone (Process Council, the wider team, the Triaster team) need to know this date and be focused on achieving it.
GW2.2 Who will manage the mapping progress? Centralised monitoring of mapping progress is required even if the mapping is distributed. 
GW2.3 Has sufficient time been allocated for process authors to process map? The fewer the process authors the more elapsed time required. With more mappers there is less elapsed time, but more management and a more detailed project plan is needed. 
GW2.4  Are there any common or reusable processes?  These can be mapped once and reused.
Governance Framework
GWMP1.0  What is the Governance Framework? Triaster supplies a default Goveranance Framework and from this starting point discuss and agree the Governance Framework that your project with adopt.
GWMP1.1  Who will own the Governance Framework?  This is the person responsible for keeping the Governance Framework up to date, communicating and enforcing it.
GWMP1.3  What is the library name?  This will be included in your Governance Framework.
 Mapping conventions
GWMP2.0  How many levels of process should be mapped? Most organisations map 3 levels of process. The top process level is generated by the software.
GWMP2.1  What is the file naming convention? Triaster recommend that filenames and map (node) names are the same.
GWMP2.2 Will there be a map reference system? Will each map be given its own unique number?  
GWMP2.3 What is the map (Node) naming convention? Each map (node) name should be a verb. Think about the key words that users will search on. Are there any other requirements?
GWMP2.4 Where is the (local) map store located? Document file names should not include dates, version numbers or other status (such as draft, final etc.) as changing these names will break hyperlinks in the library. If a file name must change, the document owner must request that the hyperlink in the process map be updated.
GWMP2.5 Who will set up and manage the map store? On install Triaster create a basic folder architecture to ensure maps publish to the correct library. After this your organisation will need to create a sub folder structure that reflects your menu structure from the home page. 

If Triaster is hosting your server, the local map store folder structure and the hosted server map store folder structure should mirror each other.
GWMP3.0 What is the document naming convention? Document file names should not include dates, version numbers or other status (such as draft, final etc.) as changing these names will break hyperlinks in the library. If a file name must change, the document owner must request that the hyperlink in the process map be updated. 
GWMP3.1 Where will documents be stored?  The options are; document management system, network drive or on the hosted server (if relevant)? 
GWMP3.2 Who can add documents to the document store?  
GWMP3.3 Who will be responsible for managing the document store and determining its structure?   
GWMP3.4 How will sensitive or restricted documents be controlled?  
GWMP3.5  How will documents be accessed? This will be either via a network drive or web based url.
 Creating Process Maps
GWMP4.0  What is the name of the stencil all authors use?  
GWMP4.1 What process mapping conventions will apply? We strongly recommend the default policy options.
GWMP4.2 What page size will be adopted as standard?  Agreeing this in advance will keep your process maps consistent. 
GWMP4.3 How will additional information be added? Agreeing this in advance will keep your process maps consistent. 
 GWMP4.4  What is the policy regarding data capture?  We recommend that all authors are required to capture data whenever it is available.
 GWMP4.5  Who is responsible for updating and maintaining the properties file?  
Who is responsible for publication?  Sandpit, Pre-live and Live
GWMP5.1  How will web pages be communicated to subject matter experts for informal review?  We recommend that the url is e-mailed to them.
 Formal Review and Approval
GWMP6.0 Who can approve maps?  Approvals are configured using the Approval tool by your Library Administrator.
GWMP6.1 How frequently are reminder e-mails sent?  By default this is every seven days.
GWMP6.2  What happens when approvals aren't given?  Who are your super users?
 Change Management of the Library Content
GWMP7.0 Who is responsible for keeping the library content up to date? Ensure they are aware of their responsibility.

Agree trigger points. 
GWMP8.0 What is the policy regarding setting up new sites and libraries? Are sites going to be used for improvement projects, client facing tenders or another purpose?
GWMP8.1 What is the naming convention for new sites and libraries? How are libraries and sites named? Do they have the department in the title?
GWMP8.2 Who can clone libraries? Who is/are authorised to create libraries or sites?
 GWMP9.0  Who can access the map store?  It is important that the integrity of the source files be maintained. Only users who have the Triaster software or have had training on how to create maps should be making amendments. Triaster recommends users are placed in a group and windows security be applied against the folder.
 GWMP9.1  Who is the IT contact to add users to the Group mentioned above?  
 GW3.0 How will the existence of the Mapping and Library policy be communicated and enforced?  It should be accessible to all mappers who should understand the importance of compliance.