Optional: Educational Seminars - agenda

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Last Edited: February 23rd, 2011

To recruit members of the Process Council if there are no obvious members

AND/OR to publicise the process library and recruit process mappers

 Takes place

For Process Council recruitment: ASAP on becoming a Triaster customer, prior to the Project Initiation Workshop

For recruiting process mappers: any time you would like to promote your library and encourage new areas to start mapping

 Attendees Process Owners, anyone responsible for organisation improvement, anyone interested in/relevant to the project
 Number of attendees  As many as possible
 Number of days  1 day (can be delivered to a single group of people or divided into several 2-hour sessions for multiple groups)
 Location  Client site
 Room set up type  Workshop
 Start/finish times, unless otherwise agreed TBA (Each seminar, 2 hours)
 Triaster consultants  Project Support Consultant
 Agenda item
 Welcome & introduction to Triaster

An Introduction to Triaster:

Presentation (summary or detailed)
  • To give an insight into the Solution and its benefits
  • To explore ways that your process library could be used

The Triaster Solution

  • Tour of a Process Library
  • Searching and reporting functionality

 The Triaster Methodology:

  • Interactive process mapping exercise
Your Process Council
  • What is the purpose of a Process Council?
  • Why should you join the Process Council?
Process Mapping
  • What is the purpose of your Process Library?
  • Why is it important to map your processes?
  • Getting involved in mapping your processes
Next steps - please let me know if you are interested in:
  • Joining your Process Council
  • And/Or Mapping your processes