Optional: Creating Maps for your Library - Agenda

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Last Edited: March 3rd, 2011
 Objective To train the Process Owners in the basic software skills needed to create process maps and publish to your Process Library

Process Owners

 Number of attendees  Up to 10
 Prerequisites  None
 Preparation checklists to action


 Number of days  2 day

Client site (can be hosted at Triaster’s offices if required)


Public training- Triasters offices

 Room set up type  Software training
 Start/finish times, unless otherwise agreed

9:30 – 16:00

(10 minute breaks generally take place at 10:30 and 14:30. Lunch is generally at 12:30 for an hour)

Alternative times can be agreed

 Triaster consultant  Professional Services Consultant

 Agenda items
 Day 1
 Welcome & introductions
 Overview of the Library
 White boarding a basic process - Identifying Activities and Deliverables
 Breaking processes into manageable parts
 Starting Process Navigator for the first time
 Basic skills - Drawing the first basic process (using white board example)
 Drilling down into an existing process
 Adding hyperlinks
 Swim Lanes
 Version control and in accordance with the Mapping and Library Policy
 Creating maps independently with assistance from the Triaster consultant
 Folder Architecture
 Publishing to your Process Library
 Viewing the maps as a published page in the library
 Day 2
 Joining up process maps and Troubleshooting (paper based exercise)
 Creating Higher level summary maps (If required)
 Laying out maps
 Export / import using Excel
 Data replace
 Publishing maps to the process library
 Checking and authorising process
 Creating a group of maps independently joining them together and publishing
 AOB & Close