Problems logging into Customer Support Sites

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Last Edited: January 20th, 2011]
Sometimes it isn't possible to log in to your Support Site. Below are the most common problems and resolutions.

Your Google account has insufficient privileges

 You have followed the log in instructions however you are directed to a screen with the following error message:
There are two common causes of this error. Firstly it may be that your Google account hasn't been given access and secondly your privileges may need resetting.
If you receive this error please contact our Professional Services team by e-mailing or calling 0870 402 1234. It is important that you confirm what e-mail address you are trying to log in with as it may differ to the one Triaster have on record.

These characters are not allowed:@

You are trying to log in but you you see an error like below:
This happens as the Google site is trying to sign you in using a Triaster account. Please sign in using the 'Sign in with a different account' option at the bottom of the page.

Incorrect Username or Password

Triaster have set up a Google account on your behalf, using a Triaster e-mail address. However you receive a message like below:
This error occurs because your e-mail address isn't registered to the domain on the Google. To resolve this please log on using the 'sign in with a different account' button at the bottom of the page.

Caching issue

You have tried to sign in using the 'sign in with a different account', however the client site doesn't load. You don't receive and error message. Or, you don't have the option to sign in with a different account.
This is caused by a browser caching issue.
To resolve this you will need to clear your Browsing History, including your stored passwords. To do this please go to 'My Computer', 'Control Panel', 'Internet options', then click on the 'delete' button in Browsing History as per the image below:
You will then see an image like below, where you will need to choose what to delete. We recommend deleting all.
Once you have done this please try to log in again.
If you have any further problems, please do contact our Professional Services team by e-mailing  or calling 0870 402 1234.