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Triaster 2010 Suite Released

posted 16 Apr 2010, 06:04 by Michael Cousins   [ updated 16 Apr 2010, 06:18 by Professional Services ]

Triaster have pleasure in today announcing the release of the Triaster 2010.1note 1 suite of process tools.

The Triaster 2010.1 suite helps you capture, share, use and improve your processes.

The Triaster 2010.1 suite contains:

  • Triaster Process Navigator 10.1
  • Triaster Server Pack 10.1 containing
    • Triaster Publication Server
    • Triaster Browser Toolkit Server
    • Triaster Improvement Workbench Server

Triaster Process Navigator helps you capture your processes quickly and easily using a standard Microsoft Office interface and with seamless integration to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Visio.

Triaster Publication Server helps you share your processes with small teams or entire enterprises through a single button-click publish to a web-enabled Process Library.

Triaster Browser Toolkit Server helps your end users use the processes with integrated search, report and analysis tools.

Triaster Improvement Workbench Server helps you improve your processes through the ability to clone Process Libraries, model proposed To-Be process variants and report on the major process performance metrics.

This suite enables you to deliver processes to the fingertips of everyone in your organisation.

The Triaster 2010.1 suite is available immediately and all customers are encouraged to upgrade.

For further information, please contact Triaster's customer management team by e-mail at or by telephone on +44(0) 870 402 1234.

The Release Notes for the 2010.1 suite are available on the Product Release Notes page of this site.

Note 1

From November 2009, all Triaster products in the suite are numbered according to the year of release, and the number of releases in the year. For examples, 9.1 represents the first release of the suite in 2009, 11.4 will represent the 4th release of the suite in calendar year 2011 and so on.
Any version of any Triaster software that is less than 10.1 is out of date and customers are encouraged to upgrade.