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Triaster 2009 Suite Report Exchange

posted 19 Nov 2009, 19:02 by Michael Cousins   [ updated 19 Nov 2009, 19:28 by Professional Services ]
Triaster have pleasure today in announcing the planned release of the new Triaster Report Exchange.

What is the Triaster Report Exchange?

Triaster have been careful to design the Triaster 2009 Suite with extensibility high on the list of design aims. Previously, in order to use a new report, it was required to wait for a new release of the underlying software. With the 2009 Suite however, Triaster have separated the on-going development of reports from the on-going development of the underlying code base.
This has several major advantages:
  1. New reports can be delivered much more rapidly
  2. Customers can exchange reports with each other, and earn real money in the form of licence credits from Triaster for doing so
  3. The reports can include Access as well as XSLTs
  4. Because Reports can include XSLTs, the exchange can also host more general transforms for data exchange formats

When will the Triaster Report Exchange be made available?

The Triaster Report Exchange will be made available in January 2010. All customers will be able to download reports from the Report Exchange, and update the reports used in their Process Libraries.

How much will it Cost?

Nothing, this is an additional and free benefit to all customers with a current licence agreement.

If I contribute a report, how much will I be paid?

Triaster will pay £250 as a renewal credit for each fully documented, fully attributable XSLT contributed by a customer. We reserve the right to alter this amount without notice, but will always agree with you the amount beforehand.

What can I expect to see when the Report Exchange is first made available?

Triaster will have loaded many of the existing reports, and updated several of them (in particular the Improvement Workbench reports). Each report will have been fully documented and each will be available for immediate download with instructions on how to use them.
During 2010, Triaster will gradually move all of its report files onto the Report Exchange.