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Release Cycle

Ref: 20100226
Last Edited: [e.g. February 26th, 2010]

Triaster surveyed its customers as part of our deeper collaboration on our future release model. We asked if we should stick with the current 18 – 24 month release cycle of Process Navigator, or move towards a more frequent quarterly release cycle.

These two choices are summarised below:

Release Cycle



3 Monthly

New capabilities can be brought on stream quickly so very responsive to customer demands.

New technology (for example Silverlight) can be incorporated as it emerges.

A more expensive development model (as QA processes are repeated several times).

Requires more upgrades.


18 – 24 Monthly

Lower installation administration costs – however, each release is an optional install.


Unresponsive to customer demands.


Customers voted in the following way:


It is the case that a quarterly release cycle still provides the option for customers that prefer to wait to do so (whereas the alternative of course does not), and the majority of customers that expressed an opinion prefer a quarterly release cycle, therefore, this is the release model Triaster will aim to achieve.

We have decided to release move to a calendar based version scheme for all Triaster products. So, the first release in 2010 will be 10.1, the 2nd will be 10.2, the first release in 2011 will be 11.1 and so on. Customers that prefer to adopt releases as they are made will be able to do so, and this version numbering scheme makes it very easy for customers that prefer to adopt annual or even less frequent upgrades.