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New Dynamic Home Page Released

posted 22 Sep 2010, 08:43 by Michael Cousins   [ updated 22 Sep 2010, 08:49 by Professional Services ]
We are pleased to announce that Triaster have developed a new, dynamic home page system that enables you to change your process hierarchy very easily.
We have loaded an example of this system for you to review (asterisked items do not have processes underneath them).
The advantages of this approach are: 
  • You do not need to settle on a process architecture at the outset and then stick with it - you can experiment with different structures and change your architecture until you are happy with it
  • In conjunction with library cloning, it becomes very easy to set up new libraries to support the needs of new projects or departments without reference back to Triaster to assist with design changes
  • The file size of the new home page is smaller and therefore loads more quickly than a typical Visio-based home page
The platform for the new home page is Flash - so you will need to be able to use Flash in your organisation to upgrade to this kind of interface.
To make it as easy as possible for you to upgrade, we are offering to do the upgrades for 1 benefit (if you are on a Trusted Partner Agreement), or 4 days of time if not. We are able to encompass in the upgrade a redesign if this is required, or we can simply fit the new capability onto a design that looks identical to your existing home page and menu system.
The new home page is version independent so it can be fitted to any process library.
If you would like to upgrade your home page, or have any questions regarding this, please contact Jo Dolton on +44 (0) 870 4012 1229 or
A specific session will be run at Triaster's 2020 conference explaining how this new technology works. Please be sure to register for the conference soon if you hope to attend as we will be finalising numbers with the venue very shortly.