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Last Edited: August 31st 2012
Library Users Top 10 FAQs

How do I update a web page when it is showing an old version?

When you have been told a page has been updated and you don't seem to be able to see any changes, it might be that your computer is showing you the last version of the web page that it has seen. To correct this please click here.

Which web browsers can I use with the Triaster web content?

Triaster web content is generated using Microsoft Visio's 'save as' web feature, therefore our requirements are as set out by Microsoft. For more information on this please click here.

The incorrect e-mail client opens when I click on the Feedback E-mail button, how do I correct this?

To send e-mails using the Feedback E-mail button you need to make sure that Windows is configured to use the correct default e-mail client. This is usually set by default to any new e-mail client that is installed on the system, however should you find this isn't the case, please click here for information on how to correct the behaviour.

What should I do if Internet Explorer 9 isn't working correctly with the Triaster web applications?

This issue can be resolved by running Internet Explorer 9 in compatibility mode, click here for more information.

An error message has appeared which whilst viewing a map in Internet Explorer 8. It says 'Errors on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly', what would I do?

This error might appear in Internet Explorer 8 in some circumstances.  For more information on the issue, please click here.

What should I do if strange characters are appearing on the Triaster web content?

This is due to your Internet Explorer settings being configured incorrectly.  Please find instructions on how to resolve this issue here.

Internet Explorer is blocking active content, do I need to change a setting?

This is due to an Internet Explorer setting.  To find more information on this issue and a possible method to resolve it, please click here.

Linked documents are opening in the web browser instead of in the application, how do I change this?

This behaviour can be configured in Windows.  Please click here for more information.

I am unable to view Triaster process map web content, what should I do?

For information on possible ways to fix this issue, please click here.

Hyperlinks appear to be in the wrong location in the Triaster process map web content, can I correct this behaviour?

In certain circumstances the image behind a process map will update but the process maps hyperlinks will not. To find out how to correct this behaviour, please click here.

If I right click and export a report to Excel in version 11.2 onwards I get empty columns showing filters what am I doing wrong?
Version 11.2 now has a filtering tool to use on reports online. Please click here for more information.


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