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Updating Prop.xml requires opening of every single map to apply changes

Ref: CC20091112
Last edited 20th January 2010
A need arises to update a property RowCaption (e.g. Total Effort (man-hours) to Total Effort (hours)). the Properties.xml file is updated so that the RowName is Total Effort (hours).
However, in order for this change to be visible in the property display fields in the html view, one must open every single map and save it again.
  1. Edit the Properties XML file to change the rowCaption attribute to "Total Effort (hours)".
  2. Open a map.
  3. Open the Properties dialog of an Activity where that property had been given a value. -  The property caption had been updated in the Properties dialog (but not yet in the underlying Visio property).
  4. Change the value, and then change it back again to what it ought to be. This was necessary to change the label in the underlying Visio property.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog.
  6. Save and close the map.
  7. Publish
As the map had changed, it was republished, and with the updated caption.
Fix required:
A change in the caption should be recognised, and the change made to the map without having to make another, artificial change to force it.
The current workaround is to export all processes to Excel and the import the processes back into Process Navigator. Then publish to html. Although, please reference known issue.