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Swimlane Orientation is Wrong when Imported from Excel

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Ref: 200912071739 
Last Edited: September 28th, 2011
Development Ref: 71
When importing a map from Excel, the orientation of Swimlanes layout may be incorrect.
The width and height of a Swimlane (or Flexilane) are set by formulae. However, these formulae aren't exported to Excel, just the absolute values.
This is fixed in Process Navigator version 10.1.11
It is also possible to use a workaround (detailed below).
  1. Ensure the Swimlane is set to be 'Sized to Page'.
  2. Right-click on the Swimlane > Properties.
  3. Ensure the 'Sized to Page' box is checked.
  4. Click OK to update and close the dialog.

This will set the appropriate formulae.

Applies to:
  • Process Navigator 9.1 and earlier.

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