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Publication Server activation removed when uninstalling PN

Ref: AR 201101281421
Last Edited: August 18th 2011 
After having uninstalled Process Navigator, Publication Server is not longer activated and attempting to run the Publication Server Activation gives an error message. Attempting to run any Browser Toolkit tool gives the following error: "Registry entry for root folder not found"
The registry settings for these applications have been removed along with the PN registry settings. 
Workaround 1:
Ensure that Process Navigator is installed before any server components.
Workaround 2:
  • Run the publication server installer again, selecting the repair option. Ignore any error messages that may appear. Obtain a new activation code for this product.
  • Run the Browser Toolkit installer again, selecting the repair option.
Applies to:
  • When upgrading to Process Navigator 10.1.8 or later from a previous version. The problem does not occur when upgrading from 10.1.8 or later to a later version.