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Property Values are not Retained

Ref: 201012101342 
Last Edited: December 10th, 2010
A property is set through a shape's Properties dialog, but when that dialog is opened subsequently, the property value has been lost.
Possible Cause:
The Properties XML file has more than one definition of the property for this shape.
Ensure there is only one definition of a property for a particular type of shape in the Properties XML file.
The Properties XML file can be identified from the 'File Locations' tab of the Options dialog in the Process Navigator Visio client.
If there are duplicate properties in the Properties XML file, this may be apparent from a shape's Properties dialog's properties listing (depending on whether properties with duplicate names have duplicate captions too). You may find that having updated one of those properties, and then closing and re-opening the Properties dialog, the property value is associated with the other, duplicate property. If you try to update the property value through this property, and close and re-open the Properties dialog, the property value is lost.
Applies to:
  • All versions of Process Navigator.