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Process Navigator incompatibility with 64-bit operating systems

Ref: 201007091607 
Last Edited: 18/08/2011
Development Ref: 77
Fixed in PN 11.1
The following occurs when using Process Navigator on a 64-bit Windows operating system.
Version 10.1.0 or earlier:
When attempting to change the Multi-Map Root (using Tools\Options\Map Locations), an error message is shown.
Version 10.1.8 or later:
Process Navigator gives an error message on start-up and then closes.
When querying a path in the Registry, Process Navigator assumes a Win32 Registry location, which isn't valid on the 64-bit system.
It is strongly recommended that a 32-bit Windows operating system is used to run Process Navigator. However, if this is not possible, the workaround described below may be used.
There is a workaround which could be used to run Process Navigator on a 64-bit machine: a virtual machine which is running a 32-bit Windows operating system can be deployed and Process Navigator can be installed on this.
Please note: Windows 7 (Professional and greater versions) can contain Windows XP mode, a free x32 bit XP virtual.
A fix will be produced in the next release to address the issue.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator (all versions)