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No error message if a properties file is not selected when trying to import properties

Ref: SS 201112051051
Dev Ref: 91
Last Edited: January 20th 2012
Import Properties will not work and will not give a warning message.
By not selecting a file when prompted to do so when using Import Properties, PN does not update your properties as expected. However, no error is reported to tell you why the properties have not been updated.
If the properties you've changed don't appear to update in Visio after running an Import Properties, re-run the import properties option, specifically loading a file when selecting which maps to update, Loaded or All Maps. Make sure you browse for the Excel file you have updated the properties in. Then select OK to re-run the import.
A warning message will now be displayed if a file is not selected.
This fix is applied in PN 11.1.10.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator 11.1.0