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Links Page Border Shape replaced by Node after Excel import

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Ref: AR20090427
Development Ref: 29
Last Edited: September 28th, 2011
When a Links Page Border is exported to either Excel or catalogue XML and then imported again, this is re-created as a Node.
The data relating to Links Page Border Shape is not being stored or processed correctly. If a page is saved without a Node and then undergoes the export/import process, a new Node is created with the same name as the map page; this is incorrect.
Fixed in 10.1.0
The following manual steps should also be completed before importing, in order to copy the LinksPageBorder from the document stencil to the working stencil.
  1. Edit the stencil that you are working on by right clicking the stencil in Visio and select Edit Stencil.
  2. You should now see the red asterisk at the top left of the stencil, indicating that you are in edit mode.
  3. Open the document stencil by going to File->Shapes->Document Stencil.
  4. Copy the LinksPageborder and paste it in your stencil.
  5. Close the document stencil.
  6. Save your stencil.
Applies to:
Process Navigator 9.1 and previous

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