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Invalid Map Error for Valid Maps

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Ref: 200908111526
Last Edited: September 28th 2011
Process Navigator reports a map as Invalid and outputs with the following error message
File has been modified outside of Process Navigator. Open and save this file in Visio to ensure up-to-date map information.
However, the map is valid, and opening it in Visio and saving it corrects the problem.
Every time a map is modified in Visio, an XML payload referred to as SolutionXML is added to the bottom of the Visio file by Process Navigator. If however Macros are disabled so that Process Navigator is not running when a file is modified, the SolutionXML is not updated.
There is therefore a check in the product that if the SolutionXML is modified more than 5 seconds prior to the last save date of the Visio document, the file is marked as invalid and this condition occurs.
Load the map in Visio and save it.
This check was removed in build 4.62.6 of Process Navigator.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator 4.60, 4.61, 4.62 

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