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Hyperlink Problems Caused by Folder and File Names

Ref: 201003311557 
Last Edited: March 31st, 2010
Fixed in PN 11.1
  • When activating a hyperlink in the published HTML, Internet Explorer reports that it cannot display the webpage.
  • When hovering over the hyperlink, the target path in the tooltip appears incorrect, e.g. ../html
Although such a problem can result from the hyperlinks in the source VDX files simply being wrong, this can also occur if the VDX file that contains the hyperlink resides in a folder that has the same name as the target VDX file, or indeed, if the name of the VDX begins with that of the folder. Consider the following:
3 Master\
MyMap.vdx contains a link to MyProcesses.vdx that has the correct relative address of '..\MyProcesses.vdx'. However, when these maps are published to HTML, that link isn't correctly converted to its HTML equivalent.
There are two solutions:
  1. Rename the folder

    In addition to renaming the folder, the corresponding folder in the published HTML should be deleted too. Otherwise there will be HTML that doesn't have matching Visio VDX files.

  2. Prefix the file name

    In the above example, adding a prefix to the file name, e.g. xxxMyProcesses.vdx, would resolve the problem, but adding a suffix, e.g. MyProcessesxxx.vdx, wouldn't. Again, the corresponding HTML content ought to be deleted. This would be:

    MyProcesses.<page name>_files\ (a folder)
    MyProcesses.<page name>.html

    The link from the source VDX would need to be changed too, to reflect the change in the target name.
Applies to:
  • All versions of Process Navigator