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Flickering Status bar in Process Navigator

Ref: 200912141654 
Last Edited: December 14th 2009 
Fixed in PN 11.1


When generating a Catalogue file, when it gets to writing the file, the blue section above the Progress and User Actions Required boxes, comes and goes, resulting in a flickering effect. It is also the same when it is reloading the page, after a large export to HTML or if you press F5, the list of files will flicker as it redraws the screen.



This is caused by the useractions required window resizing iteself to the height above the breadcrumb trail. When the breadcrumbtrail is active (ie. when you export) it opens over the user actions window. As it goes through each of the files it open and closes giving this 'Flickering' effect - the amount of flicker will depend on your machine speed.


None at present 

Applies to:

  • 9.1.0 Process Navigator