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Filter frame width configuration not working

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Ref: AR201003231353
Last Edited: September 28th, 2011
It is not possible to change the initial width of the filter frame. Altering the value of innerframewidth in frames config.xml has no effect.
This functionality is not enabled in the current release.
As a workaround, the width of the frame can be altered manually. However this will have to be done each time the report is used.
The width can be made configurable for each tool by upgrading to version 10.1.0.  You can change the width of any of the Toolkit framesets by opening the "\ProcessLibraries\ProcessLibrary\Live\Tools" folder, opening the folder for the tool that you wish to change the frame width in, open the config.xml file and change the InnerFramesWidth property as highlighted below:
Applies to:
  • Browser Toolkit 9.1 and later

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