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Feedback E-mail subject does not include the correct Node attributes

Ref: 201109091142 
Last Edited: September 9th, 2011
When the hyperlink of a Feedback E-mail shape is executed, a new e-mail is created. The subject line may be expected to include the name of the Node, and perhaps other attributes of the Node, depending on the design of the Feedback E-mail shape.  However, the subject line may not be correct, where place-holders haven't been replaced with the associated Node attributes, e.g.
 Feedback on the <Process Name> process
The mechanism that constructs the subject line assumes that the name of the Node shape is 'Node' (this is the Visio shape name, which can be found by selecting the Node shape > Format > Special...). Usually it is, but if the Node has been replaced through Process Navigator's Replace Shape facility, then it will probably have a name such as 'Node.10'. In that case, the Node shape cannot be referenced properly, and the mechanism that inserts attributes of the Node into the subject line fails.
If this problem is isolated to one or a few Nodes, then a Node can be renamed manually, and the Feedback E-mail shape replaced with a new one.
  1. Select the Node shape > Format > Special...
  2. Ensure Name is set to 'Node', and click OK.
  3. Delete the Feedback E-mail shape on the page.
  4. Add a new one from the stencil.
If this is a problem for many maps, then Replace Shape can be used to replace Nodes and Feedback E-mail shapes. The replacement Nodes should automatically be named 'Node', assuming that the Nodes they replace are named otherwise.
  1. Run Process Navigator.
  2. In the Map Control Console, select and load the maps to be processed.
  3. Edit > Replace Shape.
  4. Agree to all of the prompts, and click 'Continue'.
  5. Select the stencil from which the replacement shapes are to be sourced, probably that which is normally used to construct maps.
  6. Specify the shape to be replaced ('Find What') and its replacement ('Replace With'), and click 'Add'.
    Shapes to process, in this order:
     Feedback E-mail
  7. Click OK to run the shape replacement.
Note that it's important that the Node is replaced before the Feedback E-mail shape. When the new Feedback E-mail shape is added to a page, the Node on that page must be named 'Node' (which is expected of the replacement Node).
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator - all versions
  • Feedback E-mail shapes that include Node attributes in the subject line of e-mails created through executing their hyperlink.