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Error when importing maps with text boxes

Ref: 201108232122 VG
Last Edited: January 23rd, 2012
This only relates to process maps which have had text boxes added to them, that are not standard Triaster shapes. i.e. a shape which is not from your Triaster stencil.
This error occurs when you export a process map with non-standard Triaster text boxes to Excel. The map exports successfully and you can edit the spreadsheet as normal. However, when you re-import the map, errors occur. You receive an error message in the User Actions Required window in the Process Navigator console, which states that a non-Triaster shape has been identified.

To overcome this problem, if you have a specific need for text boxes on your process maps, then you will need to have a Triaster text box shape added to your stencil.
Alternatively, the information in the text box could be added to the Properties of your Node or Activity. This may involve updating your Properties file to incorporate new fields, and the information could then be reported on and viewed this way and still be seen through the map in HTML by CTRL-clicking on the Node or Activity. The information would appear on the left-hand side of the screen, beneath the pan and zoom window. 

Applies to:
  • Process Navigator 11.1

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