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Error: System.OutOfMemoryException in Publication Log

Ref: 201107291648
Last Edited: July 29th, 2011
A publication Progress log contains one or more System.OutOfMemoryException errors when applying XSLT transforms to the catalogue file. These will be recorded near the end of the Progress log, but not in the corresponding User Actions required log.
A subsequent publication may report a similar error, but when applying a different transform. The behaviour has never been found to be consistent.
Such errors are rare, but may occur on a particular system when the catalogue file is large - perhaps 100 MB or more. Behaviour is inconsistent: a catalogue that has caused a problem on one system has been processed successfully by others.
It is thought to be a consequence of memory fragmentation, where there isn't a sufficiently large contiguous block of memory available to a process.
A workaround involves isolating the creation of search and report XML data files into separate task sets in the automated publication. Please contact Triaster Support (support@triaster.co.uk), who will advise on how this may be done.
Applies to:
  • Triaster Server - potentially any version.