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Document search gives unexpected results

Ref: AR 201106231409 
Last Edited: June 23rd, 2011
Currently, the search term Car Rental, for example, will display all documents which contain either "Car" OR "Rental". This may give a large number of results which can cause difficulty when searching for specific information. It is not currently possible to use an exact search phrase such as "Car Rental".
These issues will be fixed by a software patch to give results which are more useful and inituitive.
After applying the fix, above search term would return all documents which contain both "Car" AND "Rental". It will also be possible to use quotations marks to search for an exact search phrase.
Triaster software is not using the Windows Desktop Search in an optimum way.
There is a software patch available which will fix the issues described above.
Applies to:
  • Browser Toolkit 10.1