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Deleting any of the mandatory columns in the Excel file causes the import to fail

Ref: SS 201112051122
Last Edited: August 31st 2012
*** Update this only applies to Versions prior to 11.2 - the need for a GUID has now been removed ***

Import Properties will not work and will not give a warning message.
Removing the Shape Master, Reference, Text, Predecessor or GUID column will cause the import to fail. 
There are now 5 mandatory columns for the Excel import. The addition of the GUID column is to allow process connectivity to be shown from sorting the file in process order. If this column or any of the original first 4 columns in an Excel file are removed, an import from Excel (for properties alone or for an entire map), will fail. If an import does fail, open the spreadsheet and check that these columns are all present. If they are not, and the map is in Visio, you can open the Visio map and re-export the map to Excel to re-introduce the mandatory columns. 
NB: When creating a map in Excel, in order to be able to display your Excel file in process order, as seen in the Visio map, you will need to import the map into Visio and then re-export. This will add the additional GUID column and enable your spreadsheet to be sorted in process order using the Reference column.
A warning message is shown if mandatory columns are missing.
This fix is applied in a PN 11.1.10.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator 11.1