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E-mail sent to Approver when a map has a Rework Status

Defect Id: 2800057 
Last Edited: March 13th, 2013
After a Publish, an e-mail is sent to an Approver with a list of maps for approval, however the e-mail also includes maps which have a status of 'Rework', which is incorrect.
When clicking the link within the e-mail, in order to approve the maps, the Approver will see only the 'Modified' or 'New' maps and will not see the 'Rework' maps (this is correct as the Rework maps are not awaiting approval). 
Applies to:
  • A fix was released in Triaster Server 13.2 to correct the 'Approvals Required' e-mail so that 'Rework' maps will not appear in the list.