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Load-time action to update a custom property is not recognised

Defect Id: 2662346
Last Edited: April 2nd, 2013

In Process Navigator, property updates triggered from Edit > Replace Data or Multi-Map > Import Properties from Excel is a 2-part process:

1. Process Navigator identifies which shapes’ properties are to be updated and adds an instruction (called a Load Time Action) to the bottom of the corresponding Visio file(s) giving details of the required changes

2. When the file is subsequently loaded in Visio, the Load Time Action is performed and the relevant shapes and their properties are modified and the changes committed to disk. At this point the Load Time Action is removed from the file.

Forward or backward compatibility cannot therefore be guaranteed for any Load Time Actions if the 2nd step above is performed on a different version of Process Navigator to the 1st step.

Clearly, it is impossible for any new feature added in 11.2 that creates a new Load Time Action (step 1 above) for that Load Time Action to then be processed (step 2 above) by an earlier version of the Triaster software.

Similarly, parameters supplier with Load Time Actions may change with time so a Load Time Action is not guaranteed to retain its structure through all later versions of the product.

Process Navigator 11.2 is forwards and backwards compatible with all versions from 9.1 onwards provided both parts of the Load Time Actions are fully processed on the same version of the software. If this provision is not met, then no version of Process Navigator can be guaranteed to be forwards or backwards compatible with any other version.

In most user scenario, both parts of a Load Time Action are processed on the same version of the software. Where this is not the case, to avoid cross-version errors, users should fully process both parts of a Load Time Action (by opening and saving in Visio) before opening a map in another version of the software.


Also see article http://knowledgebase.triaster.co.uk/kb/2662102

Applies to:

  • All versions of Process Navigator.