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Wrong shape type when importing from Excel

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Last Edited: August 31st 2012

Shapes that are added to a process map from a stencil, have a master shape name associated with them. This is the name as described from the Visio stencil (Activity, Deliverable, Decision etc).

There is an option to change the type of shape used by right clicking on the shape and changing its appearance. This is typically done for changing a deliverable from internal to external.

The underlying shape name or 'master' is not changed. When you export a map to Excel, it is this name that is read. When you import a map back into Visio it is the original shape name that is used.


If you wish to keep the new shape type when importing from Excel, copy the contents of the 'Prop:ShapeType' column and replace that of the master column, taking care not to change the column title.

Generate a new map from this file and the issue will have been resolved.

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