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Updating Feedback E-mail using Excel and import properties

Ref: 2633327 (201108232016 VG)
Last Edited: January 24th 2012
You try to update your Feedback E-mail address by editing the Prop:Address cell in an Excel spreadsheet (Excel XML spreadsheet in pre 11.1.10) created by exporting your process map.
Currently, updating the Feedback E-mail in the Excel spreadsheet (Excel XML spreadsheet in pre 11.1.10) exported from your process map and running the Import Properties option does not update the address.
Import Properties only applies to Nodes, Activities (including Decisions) and Deliverables, so properties of a Feedback E-mail shape cannot be changed using this feature.

The e-mail address can be updated manually. The most appropriate way depends on the design of the Feedback E-mail shape. In more recent designs, the address is set in a custom property (hence the attempt to set it through a spreadsheet), and the shape's hyperlink contains a reference to this property. The shape's hyperlink shouldn't be changed directly, as this would overwrite the formula that defines the hyperlink address. Instead, there is usually a right-click action on the Feedback E-mail shape that allows the address property to be changed.
If there's a need to update the hyperlink address on several maps, Replace Shape, a feature of the analyst component of Process Navigator, could be used to replace existing Feedback E-mail shapes with one that contains a new hyperlink address. As the mailing address is defined in a property, it's important that when configuring the shape replacement, the option to 'Preserve Visible Properties' is set to FALSE. Otherwise, the replacement shape would adopt the address of the one being replaced.

Applies to:
  • PN 11.1
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