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Internet Explorer 9 not working correctly with Browser Toolkit

Ref: 2612819 (AW20110722)
Last Edited: July 22nd, 2011
Defect Ref:2612819
  1. Open Internet Explorer 9
  2. Browse to http://processlibraries.triaster.co.uk/processlibraries/processlibrary/Prelive/html/library%20search%20+%20reports.html
  3. Click on Roles
  4. Click on Go
  5. Nothing will happen
Use Compatibility mode.  To use compatibility mode you can either click the broken page icon in the address bar or follow the instructions on the following Microsoft knowledge base article to activate compatibility mode for an entire site location:
If you would like to activate compatibility mode for all visiters of your web site the following article provides instructions on how to do so:
Applies to:
  • Internet Explorer 9 and Triaster Browser Toolkit