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Visio data types not being preserved

Ref: PEV201108230946 
Last Edited: January 28th, 2013
Defect ID: 2609377
Applies to: Process Navigator, All versions.  Fixed in PN 11.2
Excel does not see numbers as numeric values. As a result, formulae can't be applied in Excel to do calculations. 
By default, all properties in Process Navigator are seen as strings (text). When you add a property, even though you may type a number, the cell type in the ShapeSheet is set as a string. 
In the properties.xml file, any field you wish to be a number needs to have a Visio data type adding to it. (This is in addition to the Process Navigator data types). In the example below you will see the rowType is set to 6 (numeric spin control) and the VisioDataType is set to 2 for a number.

<group groupName="PerformanceMeasurement" groupCaption="Performance Measurement">
<row rowName="TotalCost" rowCaption="Total Cost" rowType="6" rowVisioDataType="2" />
<row rowName="TotalEffort" rowCaption="Total Effort (man-hours)" rowType="6" rowVisioDataType="2" />
<row rowName="ElapsedTime" rowCaption="Elapsed time (days)" rowType="6" rowVisioDataType="2" />
<row rowName="FrequencyOfOccurrence" rowCaption="Frequency Of Occurrence (weekly)" rowType="6" rowVisioDataType="2" />
The Visio datatypes are as follows:
String = 0
Number = 2
Date = 5
Boolean (Yes/No field) = 3
Currency = 7

If you need to change all maps in your library, contact Triaster for more information.
NOTE: This issue has been Fixed in PN 11.2