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Auto-Layout error when copying shape using positional override

 This article is suitable for a Process Mapper

Ref: 2609362 (201109191137 AW)
Defect ID: 2609362
Last Edited: September 19th, 2011

  1. Create a new process map.
  2. Drag on a 2 Deliverables, named "1" and "2".
  3. Drag on an Activity, named "test".
  4. Drill down on "test".
  5. Drag on 2 activities.
  6. Delete the first Activity that you dragged on to the page.
  7. Name the second activity "Lower test"
  8. Connect "1" to "Lower test" to "2".
  9. Drill back to up to the first page.
  10. Drag on an Info button.
  11. While holding shift, select the Activity and then the Info button.
  12. Press Process Navigator>Auto-Layout Positional Override.
  13. Select the middle button on each option, to add a reletive positional override.
  14. In the first text box enter 9.
  15. In the second text box enter 12.5.
  16. Press OK.
  17. Select only the Info button.
  18. Press Ctrl+C
  19. Drill down on the Activity "test".
  20. Press Ctrl+V
  21. Press Process Navigator>Auto-Layout
  22. This unanticipated error will occur in the User Actions Required log:
Bad ShapeSheet name.
An error occurred in the VisEventProc event

=== Begin For Triaster Support ===
The following content may be useful to the Triaster support team.
Please copy and paste it into an e-mail to support@triaster.co.uk
and attach any referenced files if you would like help understanding
how to avoid this issue reoccurring.
Bad ShapeSheet name.
An error occurred in the VisEventProc event

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x86DB0520): 

Bad ShapeSheet name.
   at Triaster.ProcessNavigator.Common.Helper.VisioSupport.SetFormula(Cell cellObj, String strFormula, Boolean blnForceFormula)
   at Triaster.ProcessNavigator.Common.Helper.VisioSupport.ApplyPositionalOverride(Shape shpObj)
   at Triaster.ProcessNavigator.Common.ProcessObjects.MapPage.LayoutShapes()
   at Triaster.ProcessNavigator.MappingEdition.Wrapper.mdlInterface.LayoutShapes(String strDocIndex, String strPagIndex)
   at Triaster.ProcessNavigator.MappingEdition.Wrapper.clsAppEventSink.appVisio_MarkerEvent(Application appVisio, Int32 intSequenceNum)
   at Triaster.ProcessNavigator.MappingEdition.Wrapper.clsAppEventSink.VisEventProc(Int32& eventCode, Object& sourceObj, Int32& eventID, Int32& seqNum, Object& subjectObj, Object& moreInfo)
=== Finish For Triaster Support ===

The Info button that has been set to layout to the relative position of "test" using the shape's Visio name in this case "Activity" as the reference to the shape, this is stored in the info button's shape properties.  When copied onto a new page where the "test"/"Activity" Activity does not exist, where only "Lower test"/"Activity.*" exists, the Auto-Layout detects the positional override on the shape but cannot see the shape that it is meant to reference on the page, therefore throwing this error message.
  1. Select the Info button that has been copied on to the page.
  2. Press Process Navigator>Auto-Layout Positional Override.
  3. Select the third icon for each of the items, to remove the relative positional override.
  4. Press OK.
  5. Press Process Navigator>Auto-Layout Positional Override.
  6. There should be no error.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator 11.1

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