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Link Relative to Website Root Translated Wrongly in HTML Export

Ref: 2609245 (201111171604)
Last Edited: November 17th, 2011
In a Visio process map, a hyperlink address that's expressed relative to the root of a website isn't translated correctly in the HTML version of that map. Such a relative link address may be:
/Documents/My Process Documents/My Process Document.doc
The preceding forward-slash indicates that the address is relative to the root of the website. However, in the HTML map, the link address is prefixed with '../', which makes it relative to the HTML file, not the website root.
This syntax is useful as the link is independent of the host, and so library content (maps and documents) can be transferred to a different host while maintaining the validity of links.
Hyperlink addresses that are relative to a root aren't processed correctly when Process Navigator exports to HTML.
Hyperlink addresses need to be expressed as full paths or as relative to the map.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator 11.1 and earlier