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Excel Import - Duplicate Shapes

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Ref: 2608591 (201112161032)
Last Edited: December 16th, 2011
When a map is imported from Excel, one or more shapes may be duplicated. It may not be obvious, as one shape overlays the other. It may be apparent in reports, where the extra shape is listed, or perhaps visually, if, for example, the text of one is laid out differently from the other.
A shape may be duplicated if the new map as created from its template already contains a shape defined in the Excel file. For example, a new map may already contain a Feedback E-mail button. If such a map is exported to Excel and re-imported, that button will be duplicated.
Note: The first page of a new map typically already has a Node. However, Process Navigator will automatically prevent the addition of a duplicate Node.
  • Delete the shape from the Excel file so that it isn't imported.
  • Deleted the duplicate shape from the Visio map.
Applies to
  • Process Navigator 4.60 and later (i.e. those with the Import from Excel facility)

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